denadyes | Textile Dyestuffs
Reactive printing dyes.

P Series

Mono chlorotriazynl group containing reactive printing dyes.
Bright colors and high color efficiency in printing cellulose and rayon fabrics.
Due to low reactivity, the printing paste is stable in alkaline medium.
Suitable for steam and silicate processes.

  • Yellow DE-P4G

  • Yellow DE-P6G

  • Golden Yellow DE-P3R

  • Brillant Orange DE-P2R

  • Orange DE-P4R

  • Red DE-PB

  • Red DE-P3B

  • Red DE-P6B

  • Blue DE-P3R

  • Turquaz Blue DE-PGR

  • Blue DE-P5R

  • Navy Blue DE-P2R

  • Navy Blue DE-3G

  • Black DE-PN

  • Black DE-PGR