denadyes | Textile Dyestuffs
The repeatability of our Denactive reactive dyestuffs, light fastness, perspiration fastness and high fixation properties offer high comfort during fabric dyeing.

Supra Series

It is developed for economical for light and medium colors, to have correct colors for right  first time dyeing, and to meet the users’ required fastness values of conventional color indexes.
  • Yellow DE-3R %150

  • Red DE-3B %150

  • Yellow DE-LC

  • Red DE-LC

  • Blue BRF

  • Yellow DE-3GL

  • Yellow DE-4GL

  • Orange DE-2RL

  • Red DE-GF

  • Navy Blue BSF

HF / XF Series

DE-XF series shows superior performance in viscose and blends. It has high light fastness in light and medium colors and high performance with oxidative washing fastness. Due to its high reproducibility and high migration capacity, it is very good for plant-laboratory compliance and continuity between parties. Does not contain metal complex.
  • Yellow DE-XF

  • Red DE-XF

  • Blue DE-RF

  • Blue DE-NF

  • Yellow HF

  • Red HF 2BL

  • Dark Blue HF

SD / SF Series

They are environmentally sensitive biofunctional dyes with very high fixing properties. It is possible to obtain dark colors in low concentrations with SF series dyestuffs. It has high repeatability, excellent dye dispersion and high alkali resistance.
  • Yellow DE-SD

  • Red DE-SD

  • Dark Blue DE-SD

  • Navy DE-SD

  • Orange DE-SF

  • Red DE-SF

  • Navy Blue DE-SF

  • Red DE-SD 2B

  • Red DE-SD 4B

Vinylsulfone Series

They are economical dyes with high quality vinylsulfon structure for exhaust and pad-batch dyeing.
  • Blue DE-RL

  • Blue SRL

  • Turquaz Blue G %250

  • Black B %150

  • Black TNN

  • Black NG

  • Black C-DN