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Dena Dyes Textile Dyestuffs

“Dena dyes is one of the leading dyestuff suppliers in the textile finishing industry. It offers competitive solutions to the sector with its advanced laboratory and technical team together with a wide range of products.


For more than 25 years,

we have been looking for difference and innovation as a team. We would like to see this excitement among us with the flexible agile and creative individuals who can live with us.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is as valuable as any service or product quality we offer as one of the most important elements for our company's present and future.
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We value our employees

Our employees are our most important asset. The personal and professional development of our employees is very important for us. We encourage our employees to explore new opportunities and solutions.
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We lead the textile industry

We believe we do good things by doing good work.
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We are sensible to the environment

Denadyes is aware of its responsibilities to the environment, nature and society.

Our Mission

To contribute positively to all our stakeholders with our products and service quality that make difference.


Our Vision

To be a solution partner of the sector by creating a sustainable competition.


Our Values

Being sensitiveWe aim to create a common value for our country and our society and we manage all our activities with a view to sustainability.

Being energeticOur employees are our greatest strength. We consider the training and personal development of our employees as a part of our corporate culture and in this context, we try to create an environment in which they can best demonstrate their energies.

Being qualifiedIn all our activities; we value innovation and creativity, invest in innovation and technology. We work to be the pioneer of change in the sector and the address of the solution.

Being understadingWhen we do our work, we care about our employees and all our stakeholders.

We are advancing rapidly on the path that we aim to develop competitive, sustainable projects.

Dena dyes is the leading supplier of textile dyestuff industry. We have a range of products to meet all fiber and quality demands.

We guarantee that the dyes we supply to our textile customers comply with legal requirements such as Reach, Oeko-Tex and Brand & Retailer RSL.